Our Services

We are sector and industry agnostic.

Now more than ever, businesses and consumers move seamlessly between categories and media. So do we.

We listen.

Everything we do starts with truly understanding – understand our clients, the challenge at hand, each other, the world around us. We don't just hear you. We listen and constantly question our clients’ assumptions as well as our own.

We win awards.

Our experienced team has accumulated over 25 awards in competitions worldwide. While this isn’t the only reason to work with us, it does demonstrate our ability to create effective work that gets noticed, elicits an emotional response, and provides exceptional customer experiences.

Product Strategy

Numatic engages in a structured approach to de-risking venture, brand, and product rollouts with a focus on offering / product / brand definition, customer acquisition, retention, and monetization.

  • We help identify whitespace, uncover emerging opportunities, and evaluate impact in your industry, in order to scope possible areas of innovation that are ripe for investment.

  • Using a methodical process, we help clients clearly define their business case and ensure their venture delivers the capability to achieve the business benefits expected by customers and investors.

  • We partner with some of the best folks in the industry to help our clients answer questions such as: How can you spend acquisition dollars more effectively? What is causing customers to leave? Are you over or under-monetizing?

  • Our clients come to us to help them make sense of digital products and help them define their objectives and key results for their digital portfolios, then we work with them to develop the tactics to achieve them, while ensuring that they have the right capabilities and resources to make it happen.


All startups begin their journey with a Minimum Viable Brand. But, when “minimum” is no longer good enough, we help founders rapidly iterate on and elevate their evolving brands using methodical processes around definition, positioning, identity, and collateral production.

  • Organizations and individuals approach us when they need to rapidly define and create a brand from scratch. We help you find your “why” while positioning, testing and creating your brand in a matter of weeks.

  • Clients come to us for help with making sense of their fragmented or outdated brand systems. We introduce styles, rules and guidelines that ensure their brand can communicate effectively in a unified visual and verbal expression.

  • We extend our brand strategy and definition offering into production for clients that need marketing websites and microsites, landing pages that convert, memorable presentation templates, video packages and motion graphics, business cards, social media templates. You name it, we’ve created it.

  • As early stage startups mature, organizationally and technologically, so do their brands. Founders reach out to us to evaluate the longevity of their existing brand, diagnose why their existing brand is no longer effective, and help them refresh their identity to best represent their vision.


Whether your business needs a bleeding edge technology product or a more straightforward technology-enabled service, Numatic’s suite of services can build or grow your technology offering. Services include: evidence and research-driven market validation, product conceptualization, human-computer interaction (UX/UI), prototyping, MVP development, and full enterprise grade platforms.

  • Our discovery process is designed to take the biggest ideas and transform them into clearly defined user journeys, jobs to be done, requirements and action plans. When you need to know what to build before you make the investment, our design sprints and rapid prototyping can validate your product ideas.

  • We build and deploy cloud native software such as websites, microsites, native and hybrid apps, and voice experiences. We power those experiences with leading CMS/DXP and CRM solutions.

  • Investors know how to evaluate a business plan, but they often lack the technical expertise to perform tech due diligence. We help them measure risk so they can make better decisions. Non-technical founders rely on our “fractional CTO” guidance to provide them with peace of mind and with extra validation to share with their investors.

  • Technology shortcuts are appropriate for MVP solutions and can increase your initial velocity. To support our clients that outgrow their MVP, we provide technology "rescue" services. In these engagements, we work to modernize legacy tech and eliminate technical debt that often accumulates over time.